Art Gross Photography

Tree & gypsum plant, East Chicago IN - 2010


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Artists Statement:

Since the mid 1990s photography has been my means of exploring a deep fascination with industrial & urban landscapes and the compelling machines that roam these landscapes.

My work is a reflection on the diminishing role that heavy industry has in the American consciousness. As we move into an increasingly technological world, the steel mills, refineries, and railroads of our industrial past seem more and more like figments of a distant reality. They still exist, but are increasingly removed from the experience of most Americans, considered by many as just a blight on the landscape.

Further contemplation on these relics raises more questions than answers to a public that has little involvement with the real world beyond the suburbs and strip malls. What are these huge buildings for? where do all these tracks and wires and pipes go? does anyone even understand how these places work or what they are for?

My approach has been to explore these subjects over an extended period, months even years. I consider my work a testament to the subtle beauty hidden in these utilitarian landscapes as well as a reflection on how these places are woven into the history of our country, community and its people.